Are you a proprietor of any aged stuff? It might require your assistance even now!

Time, people and meteorological conditions can be merciless to old complexes and / or antiquities. Occasionally they may request our help to start approximating their best times once more.

There are many experts out there who are able to help you out if you want to change condition and / or purpose of an object, or even whole building!

Autor: Geoff Peters

Autor: John Menard

Renovation is the name generally used to define an operation of transformation of condition, functionality of a construction (understood in a wide sense), what may be, a adaptation in the form and / or size of the construction, and / or a development, for the objective of remodeling and / or transformation for other uses, in addition to practically always conservation and maintenance (operations against the atmospheric factors, painting, waterproofing). The term ‘renovation’ occasionally introduces also the renovation of cultural heritage, which is an expert activity dedicated to stimulating the continuity of those enlightening and artistic manifestations, by safeguarding them and saving them effectively so that they may be passed on to next generations by protecting their contemporary use and respecting its historical, aesthetic and social understanding. Decision-making in both situations is assisted by a comprehensive multidisciplinary inquiry and communication process.

The renovation refers to all those actions, which intend to simplify their admiration, comprehension and use.

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In most circumstances, these actions change the condition of the item, attempt returning the object its meaning, and preserve it for the future.