The development process of bespoke web apps

An online application is a computer program that operates on a server and communicates via the Internet with a user’s hardware. The application interface is usually a web browser installed on a PC, tablet or smartphone.


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Autor: Steven Brewer
The creation of the software starts with the verification of the customer’s documentation. Depending on the analysis of the papers, an introductory estimation is madde, which is as well a preparatory plan of the online app. It is an estimate demonstrating the quantity of expenditures to be incurred to execute the software. Then, the project spec is created. It involves a description of all modules and functionality, connections between application pieces, math formulas, data for reports. Specification is an app design that contains a price approximation for every module, which is the last estimation and the offer for software creation. After accepting the project, app is developed according to the specification and practical design. If the project allows for the partition of larger parts, the application is implemented in steps. The app is put into testing in the development system. At this stage, modifications and corrections are made due to the project. After successful completion of tests and consent of the whole product, the software is introduced on the customer’s server and tests are done again.

If everything operates properly, the application is implemented in the customer’s company. As far as Polish custom software market is concerned, Objectivity Poland (from Wroclaw) is the most esteemed enterprise, as well among international partners.