How to improve the comfort of patient’s life and make the treatment more tolerable?

Today ways of treatment are changing constantly. Thanks to novel solutions patients can be healed comprehensively and the effects of therapy are often better than some years ago.

It looks like some sci-fi scenario is now being realised in front of our eyes.
Now drug can be easily delivered to the specific organ in the organism. Patient does not have to ingest the tablet and jeopardise himself to the unpleasant side effects. In what way is it being carried out? For example, in case of people who suffer from coronary artery disease appropriate tubes named: stents are being put into the blood vessel. Those stents are sometimes coated with special polymer that includes particular immunosuppressive drug, being gradually eluted. The conjunction between the role of the pure stent and the biological function of drug is applied here. This type of combination product has to be scrutinized thoroughly before it may be commonly used. The other interesting example is an injector that is applied without any needle. The accurate dose of medicine may be injected into the body easily. It is a great option especially for kids because they are usually afraid of injections. Normal vaccination looks for them like the worst nightmare. These days it can be realised in more appropriate way, without screaming.

Novel solutions in the area of medicine create completely new possibilities in therapies. The road from the idea to the ultimate device is often hard, but the happy expression on patients’ faces and their gratitude is really worth it.