Development of the field of services as one of the most popular trends concerning progress of economies globally

History and learning it indicates us that the globe changes and evolves. Another important conclusion we may come to after learning it is that also the pace of improvements increases. We can recognize it on the example of technology.


Autor: Federico Feroldi
For instance the gap between goods made now compared with those developed a decade earlier is far more visible at present than for instance some centuries ago. As a result, older people these days find it pretty hard to deal with recent innovations for instance regards mobile phones etc. In addition, we ought to also remember that as far as the field of economy is concerned, also substantial improvements took place during recent 20 years. First of all, we may see according to the analyses of GDP of various countries worldwide that the importance of services continues to improve. That’s the reason why, we ought to also not forget that in the future it is really likely that this field would be the most likely to find easily a job. In the Europe in the past, during industrial revolution for instance, there was quite solid demand for physical workers.


Autor: Franklin Heijnen

On the other side, the trends regularly change and we might discover that the world in various fields might not be compared to one we lived two decades years ago. Despite the fact that this proves that the changes were both positive and negative, we should also remember that increasing the pace of developments isn’t positive at all. What about the role of improving popularity of services? According to the thoughts of different experts it is not that bad, but indicates that plenty people might be forced to acquire new skills so that they would meet the requirements of labor market.

To conclude, we should also keep in mind that in order to make a responsible choice in terms of our career for instance not only we ought to think about the demand of the market. Nevertheless, although we should do our best to work in a area that would guarantee ourselves satisfaction, if that wouldn’t be possible, we can consider career in services.