Remember about different important formalities while starting to export to Russian market

Many enterprises consider selling on Russian market. Surely, it is most probably a very good decision as this market is one of the faster growing markets in the whole world.
While many Russian citizens start to be richer and the middle class is being created, they begins to to look for various products as well as services, which they were not able to afford a few years before.

Because of this, many new enterprises might find new sales markets and loyal clients. However, even though this market offers many possibilities, this market also requires plenty of Formalities and various papers. Foreign company needs to follow certain rules, which may be quite strict. As Russia is not the member of the European Union, it has its own official papers as well as certifications that potential exporter need to gain. The main one is widely known as Russian gost. Read whole news:
gost r

The word “gost” means “norm” in Russian. Once this one is clear, it starts to be pretty obvious what are the function of this document, which is also called gost r. It is important to obtain this certificate by any foreign firm which wants to sell its products or services to Russia. Nonetheless, this may be a little confusing, as Russian gost is required just for some kind of products, as for example materials in contact with food, numerous industrial equipment for food or mechanical goods. What’s more, gost r can be issued for a few years (usually one or 3) or for only 1 time shipment. Get more here: .

Because these formalities are difficult to understand for a business which just starts its ”journey” with Russian market, this might be beneficial to use services of external firm that specialises in this field.