Kinds of parget and choosing the perfect one

With constructing or refurbishing a house follows a huge duty of making good decisions. If you have no idea where to begin, begin with choosing parget that will work best for you.

silicone render

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Here are a couple of kinds and their features to help you make a choice.
One of the most commonly used types of render is the mineral one. It is so due to its low price and quick drying. moreover, it is resistant to cold and humidity so if you wish to apply parget during fall or winter, this one could be a good choice for you. nonetheless, it is essential to add water to it before using and putting silicone enamel on it after it has dried up.
If you prefer pre mixed render, the acrylic one may be ideal for your requirements. Like the previous kind, it is also affordable and, moreover, requires just one application. Resistant to breaking and snow, it is extremely long-lasting. Make sure to use it in favorable weather conditions: humidity lenghtens its drying progress. It is also not that breathable.
One more type of daub is silicone silicate render.

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Just like the acrylic one, it is provided as already mixed and is lasting but cannot be applied in poor weather conditions. Unlike it, though, this one is breathable. What is more, the silicone render does not take in water. It can be used, for example, on phenolic sheets.

every presented type has different assets. Everything depends on whatever you care about the most.

If it is being able to work during colder periods, pick the mineral render. If quickness is valuable for you- decide on acrylic or silicone render that needs to be applied only once. The house is waiting!