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What might we do when you get lost? Pleasure from using BMW navigation is something incredible

Did you get lost at any time? Driving your modern auto, using BMW SIRIUS device with complex navigation with in CIC retrofit option throught hills in Europian countries.. Nothing is greater. But is it enough for demanding driver? Not for all. Person who has experience with cars and automotive, will notice that that machine can more. You can ask for way more from that car. Firstly we have auto-updates. It is nothing more annoying than going on the way traced by system and stray in forest.
Autor: Andrew Gregg
Paths are closing and fixing everyday and day by day. Occasionally an info about troubles is only on the Internet at local websites. Then comes to the aid live amends with currently condition on the track. It is so helpful and can save the day with family or with someone close. In the second place we are able to think about everything and don't wasting your time with map on your thighs. Using voice navigation it is potential tracking instructions without taking your eyes. It is urgent especially on longer journeys. You can choose one of the voices from base.

Lady's, men's or different one being part of famous person or character from cartoon. It is so much nicer than normal speech synthesizer. It is utterly matches with total silence inside a auto. Did you can expect more? Yes, of course. BMW SIRIUS ( offer 3D screen over neighborhood which we choose to spot in current view. Thanks to that option we are able to guess where we are only looking at neighborhood. Installation operation is totally transparent.

Of course - you also can commission it to the specialist but with few videos on Internet and transparent commands we can install device on one's own. Of course, on one's own liability too but why spend money for things that we can do without any expert help. And finally one last case is to upgrade the software and have fun with your ride. BMW has taken navigation to another level. Level of modern, complex and linked mechanisms. When you will have to choice to pick a car with or without that navigation let's choose wisely.