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How bikes can make your health better. And how you can make your bicycle to become even better too

Autor: Mareike Liese
Both my boyfriend and I are in love with cycling. It is our favourite form of recreation. Always when we have a free time, we grab our bikes and go for a ride to near forest or close mountains. I have to to admit that it is rather a demanding sport, particularly if you do this in such hard environment as above mentioned forest or mountains. It takes much effort and tears but at the end, this gives a great satisfaction. This sport also triggers a big dose of endorphins. You can come home extremely tired, but at the same time - immensely happy. I believe this is a reason why I have been doing that for almost 20 years now – cycling can bring you real happiness. It also allows your body to stay healthy. As you can notice – cycling has plenty of benefits.

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Spending less money on shopping 2
Autor: Jan Fidler
In the era of Internet everything is for the asking. At present everything looks to be easier in comparison to the history. Shopping can be an excellent example. In times of shortage individuals murdered storekeeper and robbed a small number of loaves of bread. They also murdered another people if they own some foodstuff. It was usual actions which did not shock anyone. Those individuals did it to stay alive and not become rich people.
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